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12 April 2010 @ 02:23 pm
 Many many thanks to these websites ! 

Smilescan.net  - Very well organised variety of kawaii scans.No updates since 2009 but they have plenty of scans to browse through!

Yannabobo - Fantastic scans! you can even order kawaii notepads & stickers from here! updates often.

Kawaii stationary pool - You could browse through here for ages and pick out cute scans from various photo streams! 
10 December 2008 @ 12:24 pm
I miss the way you never bit me, even when I did so many things to you.
Threw you in the pool, placed you on top of my cupboard, spun you around in circles, covered your eyes with bandages, pulled your tail, dropped you suddenly for no reason, sat on you (not really).
Your tail always wagged, you always loved me no matter what.

I miss the way you were always there for me.
When I had fights with my mum, I always had someone to cling on to, to hug my tears away.
When I had a shower, and was scared, I always had you with me, sleeping there, staring at me, always there.
When I studied for my HSC, my stress levels reached high levels, you were always there, right beneath my feet, snuggling me with your warmth.
Whenever I slept late, whether it was because I was studying or just on the internet, you were always there, sleeping or staring at me.
Whenever I didn't want to go to sleep, because I was scared, I would always sneak you into my room, onto my bed, put my arms around your soft fur, and would not feel scared ever again.
Whenever I was cold (as rare as that may be) you were there for me, like a everlasting hot water bottle that never failed to warm me up.
Whenever I was super bored, just wanted to go for a walk, you would always come along, your tail wagging, your face so happy.

I loved your many eccentricities.
I loved how you tried to communicate with me, you little barks that seemed like you were trying to say "your confusing me" "I love you" "I'm excited" "I'm hungry" "I want to go for a walk" "Open the door".
You could sit, you could stand, you could even play dead.
I loved how you always scratched your ear, as gross as it may be, and as smelly as it was.
I loved how you would have diahhera then drag your butt on the concrete, leaving a track.
I loved how you smelt.
I loved your fur.
I loved your tail.
I loved your eyes, even when they were covered up by your long fur.
I loved how you would bark in confusion, start scratching and pulling me when I played dead.
I loved how you drank out of the swimming pool (although I stopped you straight after)
I loved how you could eat anything, cucumbers, salads, vegetables and various fruits.
I loved how you would tip toe to hunt for birds, but always missed cause you weren't fast enough.
I loved how you got tired so easily from a heavy walk, would just sit there, and refuse to move, until I drag or carry you.
I loved how you would whine, whenever we had to put you enclosed somewhere, after you had a bath.
I loved your paws, so big and fluffy, with a black dot on one of them.
I loved the way you walked, the way your bum swayed, it was so cute and bouncy.
I loved how you would chase after a ball, that never got thrown.
I loved how whenever we played hide and seek, you would always find me first.
I loved the way you loved me.

I loved you so much.
It hurts.
04 November 2008 @ 04:11 pm
I've finished my HSC
and man do I wish I did better, I know I could I know I just know
the thing is after the exams I feel okay (apart from physics like always)
then I go onto Bored of studies.. and wham every stupid mistake becomes so clear
and people there are like

"Hoping for a raw mark of 84 for Chem, Raw 89 for Physics, Raw 85 for English, Raw 83 for ext english, Raw 90 for maths, Raw 89 for maths ext'

and THEN they are like
"Hoping for 92 plus UAI"
and I'm just sitting their thinking
the raws you are hoping for are so.. GOOD
I'm not really getting anywhere near that..
more like I'm hoping for
"Raw 90 for english, Raw 80 for physics, Raw 90 for ext english, Raw 88 for eco, Raw 90 for Maths, Raw 75 for Maths ext..."
see my raws are so much lower than theirs (pokes Maths and physics)
YET I'm still hoping for a UAI OVER 95....while their raws are so much higher.. and only hoping for over 92 -_-
Crap crap crap. I'm never going to get into the course I want if I dont get over 95 T.T
and seriously, I thought doing the HSC was stressful
turns out its even more scary after.. cause you know thats it. you can do nought about it.
you UAI is set in stone...
I just need to get over 95.. but I'm probably not
life is sad.
well its over... not really
its like its so scary.. the prospect of  having to recieve my uai
hoping for over 95
and getting
88 or something
I dont know what I would do.
its like everytime I think I do well for physics
but I get my exam back and there I am... pratically bottom of the class -_________________-
what happens if thats the same for UAI?

One thing for sure, stressing is going to do nothing.
*goes look for a  job* maybe I should become a stock broker
the australian financial market is so volatile at the moment =)
so either lose all my  money or.. mwahahahaa
please oh please let me get over 95....
but things never go right anyway


14 July 2008 @ 07:15 pm
What foods can you not live without, and what foods can you not stomach?
I adore mussels <3<3<3 and crab, and abalone, and oysters, scallops, hot pot shrimps..
almost every kind of seafood is LOVE and I cannot live without them...probably

I also love raw coconut

Can't stand Tofu, Avocado